Critics Of Kim Kardashian West’s Feminist Kimojis Have Completely Missed The Point

Whatever Kim Kardashian West does, she faces criticism.

Sometimes, it has to be said, it might be a little justified (although we never advocate social media bullying or trolling) but, on other occasions, it can feel a little unfair.

The latest backlash came on International Women’s Day. That, in itself, is problematic.

When the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star decided to unveil her brand new range of feminist Kimojis, many took issue with it. Rather than taking on the atmosphere of the day, and celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of a fellow woman, some decided to brand her a ‘fake feminist’ whilst others accused her of ‘cashing in’ on the movement.

One tweet read: ‘So it’s less about empowering women but empowering your bank account.’

Others shared the belief that Kim could have used her platform to donate proceeds to women’s charities.

Yes, Kim-K could have done that. But she didn’t, and that’s her choice.

Happy International Women’s Day

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The very fact that the reality star, who has a combined social media following of over 167 million on Instagram and Twitter alone, is getting behind these messages and showing young girls that it’s ‘cool’ to be a ‘full time feminist’, is pretty awesome.

A few others debated whether Kim – who is famous for ‘breaking the internet’ with her naked photos – is a good spokesperson for feminism. Sigh.

The E! star sums it up in her own Kimoji slogan: ‘my body, my choice’.

‘All women deserve the freedom to live their lives in the way they want. Block out society’s rules & attempts to shame you. We should all celebrate when a woman lives her life authentic to her, no matter how it differs from our lives,’ one supportive fan tweet read.

‘Thinking that Kim Kardashian is not an acceptable person to speak about international women’s day because you think the way she acts isn’t ‘appropriate’ means you are the problem not her,’ another added.

As her sister Khloe so eloquently put in a tweet recently: ‘What happened to women fixing each other’s crowns instead of trying to knock the others crown off? [sic]’.