Kim Kardashian Wants A Word With Harry Styles

Kim Kardashian is reportedly less-than-impressed with Kendall Jenner‘s latest choice of man, as she warns her little sis about Harry Styles‘ lady-loving reputation.

The 33-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has gone all overprotective older sibling on us and is said to be worrying about Kendall dating pop’s biggest playboy (to be fair, the above photo probably isn’t helping matters…)

‘Harry and Kendall have been circling each other since being introduced a few months ago and are finally taking that next step’, a source told Now Magazine.

‘But Kim knows all about being played and fears Kendall will get hurt by the king of heartbreakers.’

After being spotted on a string of dates, the pair emerged sheepishly from the 19-year-old 1D pin-up’s New York hotel room earlier this week fuelling rumours that things could be hotting up for the lovebirds.

But with Kim on the brink of taking Kendall’s man aside for a stern word, that might all be about to change. She’s even said to have called upon rapper fiance Kanye West aka. the wisest man in showbiz to break up Harry and Kendall’s romantic union. Uh oh…

‘Apparently Kanye’s been telling Kendall that rock stars can be dogs’, added the insider.

Poor Harry! Haven’t you heard, guys? He’s PERFECT boyfriend material

By Robyn Munson

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