Kim Kardashian Speaks Out About Rumours Of A ‘Fake Baby’

The KUWTK star has addressed the ridiculous speculation surrounding her baby, and also spoken out about *not* being a feminist...

Kim Kardashian West probably isn’t a stranger to being a little controversial from time to time. We mean, we can all remember an occasion where she sparked a bit of a debate, right?

Yup, we wouldn’t blame you for casting your minds back to that recent NSFW photo.

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But this weekend, Kim took on the role of keynote speaker at the BlogHer 16 conference. And what she said has caused a little bit of confusion amongst, well, women.

Why? Well, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has revealed that she doesn’t consider herself to be a feminist.

She announced: ‘I don’t think that I am [a feminist].

‘I don’t like labels. I do what makes me happy and I want women to be confident. I am so supportive of women.

‘I love nothing more than when I’m with all my friends and I love to support women but I’m not a “free the nipple-type” of girl. If you’re not comfortable with that, don’t do it! I’m not about the labels. Just be you and be confident in you.’

That sounds a lot like feminism to us, Kim.

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Kim Kardashian also took the opportunity to talk about her family.

The E! star shares most of her life with the cameras, whether it’s on her family’s reality show or through her social media accounts.

In fact, she’s recently admitted to getting a whopping 9 MILLION views on her Snapchat stories. Blimey.

But, apparently, this has lead many to question her on things that she doesn’t document online.

She confessed, ‘If you don’t share something, it’s like it doesn’t exist.’

It seems that, for Kim, this also applies to motherhood.

Saint West

Talking about her son Saint West, who was born in December, she explained, ‘I wasn’t posting about my son because I want him to go to the park like every normal human being.

‘But some people thought I had a full fake baby because I wasn’t posting.’

Um, how ridiculous.

The star has been sharing some adorable baby Saint moments recently, though.

We mean, if you missed his most recent Snapchat moment, we recommend you go back and watch that immediately.