Kim Kardashian Skips Kylie Jenner’s 16th Birthday For Funeral

Kim Kardashian was supposed to be making her huge post-baby comeback at her sister Kylie Jenner’s sweet 16th birthday party this weekend, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Whilst the Kardashian clan partied it up at the AT&T centre in LA kitted out in Alice and Wonderland themed fancy dress, Kim, Kanye and two-month-old baby North West were over 1,000 miles away in Oklahoma.

The reason? Kim was supporting her baby daddy and beau at the funeral of his beloved grandad Portland Williams – awwww! – who passed away on August 10th, aged 98.

Kim Kardashian shyed away from the spotlight to be with her own little family over the weekend, and we have to say, we’re beyond impressed. Motherhood is certainly doing grand things to the one-time party girl.

And it seems that although Kanye and Kim haven’t been together long, Kim already had a fan in the shape of Mr Williams, who said of her earlier this year: “She’s just as sweet as she is beautiful. That’s what I liked about her!”

We’re seeing a whole new side to Kim recently and it’s a side we seriously like. Keep up the good work, but maybe just give us a teeny tiny glimpse of baby North. Pretty please? We wanna see those chubby cheeks!

By Hannah Gale

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