Kim Kardashian Poses On Instagram At LA Party For The First Time In Months

Kim Kardashian is spotted at a swanky LA Christmas party after months of keeping a low profile as sources say her and Kanye are still 'very sweet together'...

Kim Kardashian has been spotted out partying for the first time in months… And doesn’t she look gorgeous?

We’ve barely heard a peep from the mum-of-two ever since her scary robbery in Paris. But it looks like Kim’s finally getting her life back on track, if her latest selfie is anything to go by.

Taken at Shelli Azoff’s Christmas bash at The Forum in LA on Wednesday, Kim’s seen posing with a girlfriend with long, sleek dark hair and noticeably, no jewellery.

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And whilst Kim’s make-up and nails look on-point, she does appear to be wearing a hoodie in the picture, suggesting Kim’s continuing with her new relaxed sense of style.

With rumours that her and husband Kanye West might be in trouble, Kim’s lack of wedding ring in the snap obviously got tongues wagging. But it could also just be that she simply doesn’t want to flaunt her wealth after her horrific ordeal in Paris, where thieves took off with over £1million worth of jewellery.

kanye west

Kanye was recently hospitalised…

Besides, new reports are claiming her and her hubby are totally fine, with one insider revealing to E! News that they spent Wednesday night together at their Bel-Air mansion.

”They were very sweet together and were very much together,’ the insider said. ‘They are going through a lot but, from what it seems like, they are doing it together and getting through it. It’s been a very rough year for her.’

So there you go, all is well in camp Kimye. And we’re so pleased to hear it.