French Police ‘Suspect Kim Kardashian’s Robbers Had Contact With Her Security’

The investigation is said to have begun...

Kim Kardashian is recovering from the shock of having five masked men rob her at gunpoint in Paris.

The 35-year-old had flown to the French capital for Paris Fashion Week, and was in her hotel room when the terrifying incident occurred.

Dressed as police officers, the men managed to gain entry to her apartment in the early hours of the morning.

Kim’s spokesperson has since said that she is ‘badly shaken but physically unharmed’.

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The police investigation is reportedly now underway, and detectives allegedly have some questions about how the robbers knew of Kim’s whereabouts.

A source tells Page 6: ‘French police suspect that the five alleged robbers had some contact with her security and were tipped off about her procedures.

‘They knew there was no security [with her inside her apartment that night]. All they had to do was go in, make contact with someone inside the hotel.

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‘They have issues with the story of more than one worker at the hotel. They are also talking to bodyguards who worked with her earlier in the week.’

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Kim’s personal bodyguard Pascal Douvier was with her in Paris, but is believed to have been working with her sisters Kendall and Kourtney at the time.

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Kanye West had stayed in the US

He’s since spoken out about the horrific ordeal. According to the Daily Mail, Pascal – who’s not thought to be under suspicion – called the raid ‘one of the most sickening things I have seen or heard’ in an online blog last night.

He continued: ‘We have tips and leads and we will find you. That I promise you… you messed with the wrong one.’

Kim’s husband Kanye West was performing at a festival in New York, but ended his set immediately after he learned about what happened.

We’re sending all our love to Kim at this time.