Kim Kardashian Will Be Ditching Her High Heels

Kim Kardashian West isn’t usually one to shy away from some rather extreme maternity style. 

The mum-to-be turned a lot of heads over the weekend in what was possibly her most outlandish pregnancy look yet, rocking a completely see-through lace jumpsuit, which showed off her ever-growing bump. 

Bold move, Kimmy. 

But according to her latest interview with Vogue, it seems that the reality star’s maternity wardrobe may be on the brink of slowing down. It looks like Kim Kardashian is looking to opt for comfort over style. 

Well, we don’t really think you can blame her. 


With her due date moving closer, the 35-year-old is coming to the tail end of her pregnancy.

Opening up to Vogue about her penchant for killer heels, even whilst pregnant, she revealed: ‘It’s getting hard… A friend of mine emailed me and said, ‘Have you given up?’ and I said, ‘Why, what do you mean?’ and he said, ‘You’re wearing flip flops. I saw a photo of you in flip flops,’ and I said, ‘Yes, I’ve given up at this point.”

Looking back over that time, she explained: ‘I was getting on a plane and my feet were swollen. I’m to the point now where my feet are slightly starting to swell — not as bad as before — but they’re getting there. Today I’m wearing heels and they’re fine. I think in spurts they’re OK at this stage.’

And it looks like Christmas in the Kardashian-West household is going to be very different this year: ‘I’m due right around [Christmas], so I might be in the hospital on Christmas, I don’t know!’

So we know what North will be getting this year then. N’aw. 

Kim Kardashian recently came under scrutiny about her Instagram account, which currently has a whopping 51 million followers, after being called out for photoshopping one of her snaps. 

But, according to her chat with André Leon Talley, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has admitted that the photo sharing site can confuse her a little.

The social media mogul said: ‘I love posting! It’s so much fun just to see someone’s life through photos… But it’s also pretty crazy once you don’t post something once you get into that mode and things are going on in your life.

It’s almost as if it never happened because you didn’t post it. Like, people didn’t believe my sisters graduated from high school because we didn’t post about it!’ 

There’s no denying that it’s become a major part of everyday life. 

And, snap…