People Aren’t Convinced By Kim Kardashian’s Edgy New Family Shoot On Instagram

"Why does it look like they're living in an old abandoned house in the woods?"

Since Kim Kardashian’s return to social media last week, she’s been drip-feeding her fans some seriously cute family snaps of her, husband Kanye West and children North and Saint.

Between snaps of siblings Saint and North playing and pictures, Kanye munching on  cereal and Kim carrying Saint on one hip, it’s been straight up adorable. But fans have begun to notice something slightly off about the images.

You see, we’re all aware of the Kardashians’ riches. And we’ve taken more virtual tours round Kris Jenner’s mega mansion than we’d care to admit. So what’s with Kim and Kanye’s rough-around-the-edges location?

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my boys ❤️

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In Kim’s latest Instagram snaps, the background shows the famous family posing in a house featuring dirty white wooden wall panels, shabby green sofas and one stripped back (and seriously retro) pink kitchen.

And like us, fans are confused.

‘Why does it look like they’re living in an old abandoned house in the woods?’, questioned one.

‘I haven’t seen this “poor” filter before, where can I get it?’, joked another.

Whilst a third accused Kim and Kanye of attempting to play down their wealth as part of Kim’s post-robbery re-brand.

‘When they try to make it look like they’re not actually in million dollar home. [Who] do you think you’re fooling?’, they commented.

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However, there were a whole load of other fans who simply appreciated Kim’s snaps for their arty edge.

‘Love these vintage photos’, said one, whilst another commented: ‘Love these new post so down to earth’.

As well as the background, something else caught one Instagram users eye in a particular snap of Kim’s that showed Kanye sitting on a couch holding Saint in front of him.


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‘Besides them looking as if they are being held in an old cabin in the deep woods hostage, does anyone see him stepping on that child’s foot?! And they both look miserable’, someone commented underneath.

Oh come on. Let’s give Kimye a break after the horrendous few months they’ve had, shall we? Staged or not, we see a happy family, and as far as we’re concerned, that’s all that matters.