Kim Kardashian On The Truth Behind THAT Sexy Snap

Kim Kardashian has revealed the real reason why she stripped down to that skimpy white swimsuit and got her ‘belfie’ on for Instagram in her first interview addressing the sexy snap that caused a media meltdown earlier this month.

‘[It was a] big middle finger to the world and everyone that called me fat,’ the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star declared on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. ‘It really hurt my soul. It changed how I am in the public a little bit.’

During her pregnancy, 32-year-old Kim was hit with a barrage of cruel headlines about her baby weight gain. ‘I would go out and there would just be photos of me anytime I was hungry’, she continued. ‘And these stories where I was like 200 pounds.’

So in true Kardashian style, Kanye West‘s fiesty fiancée bounced back in the best way she knew how – by showcasing her sizzling post-baby body as a big two fingers up to the haters. You go girl!

Kim also added that the intense scrutiny of her and daughter Nori has made her re-think life in the limelight and consider a career away from the cameras. ‘Why would I subject myself to so much negativity?’ the new mum added. ‘Especially now that I have a daughter. I just don’t need that energy. I’d rather be in a happy place, when I’m home.’ 

While she might be getting sick of the spotlight, we can’t see her giving up that Instagram cam anytime soon… Phew!

By Robyn Munson

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