Kim Kardashian On How To Work A Bold Luxe Lip

Kim Kardashian has sported some bold beauty looks in her time, and has fast become our go-to girl when it comes to rocking a statement lip.

While she often goes nude for the day, when it comes to all out red carpet glamour, Kim knows that a striking hue is the only way to ensure all eyes are on that perfect pout.

From sultry dark plum shades to vibrant pillarbox red, the 33-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashian star manages to pull off every shade under the lippy spectrum. And she’s about to let you in on her lipstick-shaped secrets…

‘I love experimenting with bold lip colors’, the mum-of-one wrote on her beauty blog. ‘Sometimes it’s fun to match your outfit or dress with your lip color while other nights I like going for a contrast shade to make my lips stand out.’

‘For evening, more formal events, I usually go a hint darker to add drama, picking either a crimson, deep red or maroon. For spring, I’m really into more vibrant shades as well like a cherry red or even a red-orange. For lips, the bolder the better. Xo.’

We couldn’t agree more. Go forth and rock a punchy statement pout this weekend. We promise you won’t regret it…

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By Robyn Munson

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