Kim Kardashian Sparks Parenting Debate Following *This* Confession About North…

Kim Kardashian has sparked some controversy over her latest parenting confession...

Kim Kardashian is a pretty iconic fake tanner. There, we said it.

After all, this is a woman who knows the golden rule of pre-tan exfoliation like she made it up herself. Which she probably did. She’s Kim K.

So much fun in Vegas at Hakkasan last night!

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Just look at that glow.

However, even the poster gal’ for fake bake has had a few days off the job in the past- as the mother-of-two recently revealed.

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During a recent chat with Chrissy Teigen, Kim revealed that she suffered a pretty major tan mishap whist daughter North was a baby. We love this story already.

As the subject of conversation turns to spray tans, Kim confesses that she once managed to get fake tan on North’s face via breastfeeding. No kidding.

Chrissy asks ‘Have you seen those memes of moms who nursed and forgot they had been spray-tanned, and the baby’s face is like…?’, to which Kim replies ‘Yeah, that happened to North once’.  We repeat, ‘Yeah, that happened to North once’.

Our #KKWinnercircle is up on @kimkardashian's app! (We have not spray tanned our babies) (today)

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Despite being utterly hilarious, the video has also caused *quite* the controversy- having sparked a parenting debate. Because this is Kim K. And you can’t spell ‘Kardashian’ without the word ‘controversial’, can you?!

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Comments read messages such as ‘disappointed’, ‘unfollowing you’ and ‘wow celebrity problems’. One user shares, ‘It looks like Kim Kardashian is more preoccupied with her looks and her beauty routine than with her daughter’s own health and well-being’.

Hey guys, a little fake tan never hurt anyone! Besides, it looks like lil’ Nori and Kim have an incredible relationship- albeit a few fake tan mishaps.

My morning with my bubs & Minnie ?

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In fact, Kimmy herself recently shared that motherhood was ‘Beyond what I imagined in the best way possible’. Which totally speaks volumes.

Perhaps leave off the spray tan and breastfeeding combo until you’ve had a shower next time though, eh Kimmy?!

Alice Perry