Has Kim Kardashian Been Fooling Everyone With Her New Low-Key Look?

Is her new subdued social media presence all part of Kim Kardashian's masterplan?

Since Kim Kardashian’s return to the spotlight, she’s been rocking a very obviously different look.

Instead of her usual heavily-contoured base and layers of falsies, Kim’s more likely to be seen rocking barely-there make-up (or none at all) these days.

Because along with a toned down Instagram account, the 26-year-old has also returned since her Paris attack working a much more subdued appearance.

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Since the new year, we’ve seen Kim rocking oversized hoodies, t-shirts and Adidas joggers whilst wearing her hair super simply – down and poker straight.

But whilst many put Kim’s new low-key look down to the star not wanting to draw too much attention to herself after being robbed at gunpoint for her jewels back in October, other sceptics are saying Kim’s intention is the exact opposite.

Claiming Kim us attempting to ‘manipulate’ her fans to further boost her wealth, a source close to the star says that her recent family photos on Instagram showing her, Kanye, Saint and North in a bare-looking house was also carefully staged.

my son ❤

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

‘Kim is using these new photos to put together a series for a new photo book, which will follow her last book, Selfish’, the insider told Radar Online.

‘She wants to give fans a glimpse of her new life and new self, but it’s all a facade.’

The source then added: ‘In addition, Kanye is also planning on using photos from the series as a cover for his upcoming studio album.’

Whether it’s all part of a clever masterplan or not, we’re just over the moon to have Kimmy back after months of missing her. So there.