Kim Kardashian’s ‘What’s In My Diaper Bag’ Post Goes Viral

As a busy mum-of-two, it makes sense that Kim Kardashian knows a thing or two about nappy bags. But we bet she didn’t expect her latest blog post, aptly called ‘What’s In My Diaper Bag‘, to provoke such a hilarious reaction…

The 35-year-old took to her website to share what goes into her baby bag – which, FYI, is a Hermes Birkin that happens to be worth more than £7,000.

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‘My diaper bag for North has a mix of the essentials and some of her favorite things – like all-natural lollipops and Minnie Mouse pajamas. Find out exactly what I carry with me below!’ Kim wrote to kick off her informative posts. 

First up, cheesy snacks for North in the shape of Annie’s Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies, gummy bears plus a box of raisins for when her little one gets peckish. 



Next up, Nori’s beauty essentials – a Fine Mist Spritzer to spray into her curls, and pink Mason Pearson Brush to brush it with. Girl’s gotta look glam, right?

There’s also an iPad to keep her entertained, as well as face wipes and a spare pair of PJs. But hang on, isn’t something missing? Like, maybe, nappies?

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‘Kim kardashian was like “guess what’s in my diaper bag?” and someone was like “is it diapers??”‘ one confused fan wrote after reading the post.

And the LOL reactions didn’t stop there, either, as people just could not believe how luxe this celebrity mum had gone when it came to her nappy bag.



‘Kim Kardashian’s diaper bag is a Birkin… I need to stay in school’, someone commented underneath Kim’s post.

Whilst another showed their appreciation in a big way. ‘This is why I love Kim K, calling her $12,000 Birkin bag, a “diaper bag” for Saint & North’s nappies … I live for you Kim, bowing down’, they wrote.

As ever, thanks for sharing, Kimmy. Just maybe remember to pop a few nappies in there, next time.