Kim Kardashian Posed Naked Up A Tree And People Are Not Impressed

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and ahead of impending Hurricane Irma, people have accused Kween K of being insensitive

Kim Kardashian – mother of two, rocker of mythical proportions and naked climber of trees – has come under fire for a recent Instagram post documenting the latter, accused of insensitivity in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

The third tropical cyclone in the southern states of the USA during the 2017 season, Harvey has had by far the most devastating effects.

So Kim’s shoot, which comes at a time when thousands have been displaced from their homes and miles of woodland has been destroyed, hasn’t had the best reaction.

Posing up a tree wearing nothing but some worker’s boots and with superimposed stars over her nips (those pesky Instagram rules, hey Kim?) Kim stares poutily off into the distance, her mind on a thousand things other than the recent natural disaster or the impending threat of Hurricane Irma, due to land in Florida in the next few days.

‘You won’t get carried by the hurricane if you stay high in the tree,’ mocked one Twitter user.

Another said: ‘Hurricane Irma causing havoc and people are talking about Kim K doing some d******* Tarzan impression. I hate this planet.’

And referencing the latest repeal of a bill that allowed work permits to illegal immigrants who had arrived as children, another tweeted, ‘Hey guys like forget Hurricane Harvey and DACA ending, and pay attention to me again… ITS MEEEE, KIMMMMMMM K.’

Kim has spoken out in the past about how sexy shoots make her feel confident, and we say, good for her – we’ve got enough holding us back in life, and a role model who takes charge of her own empowerment is no bad thing.

But it’s true that this particular shot – which will hit so close to home for the the people whose entire lives are under water – could have been better thought out.

The controversy comes just a week after the Kardashian family banded together to donate $500,000 for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

By Marianna Manson