Kim Kardashian Ups Her Faux-Piercing Game With This Shocking New Snapchat

Kim Kardashian has taken her faux-piercing obsession to a WHOLE new level with this latest video.

Okay, so we all know that Kim Kardashian likes to flirt with a faux-piercing or three, but this latest sartorial statement has left us feeling a bit baffled.

Taking to Snapchat, Kim revealed a full set of new lilac nails with (wait for it) multiple pierced ends. In the video, the reality star moves her hand around to display the hoops (as many as three, eeps) dangling from the ends of her talons. How noughties. We imagine the nails aren’t Kimmy’s actual claws though, as real ones couldn’t support that amount of hardware IRL.

Hmm, anyone else find this a tad weird? Not to mention the impracticality of the whole situation, we mean, how would one go about opening a can of Diet Coke? And these are the REAL questions we find ourselves asking, normally after one of Kim’s braver fashion moments. But then again, it’s Kim. There are certain things that only she can get away with, right?

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Kim’s latest foray into the world of faux-piercing comes soon after she debuted a lip ring on Snapchat earlier in the year. Captioned ‘first selfie of 2017 w my mama’, fans immediately reacted to the shock piercing, questioning whether the appendage was real or a fake.

Kim has rocked the lip ring several times since, but coming from someone who famously said ‘you don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley’ in reaction about whether or not she’d ever get tattooed, this latest style move from Camp Kim has us thinking that maybe the KUWTK star is a bit of a closet rebel after all.

And of course, there was the whole ripped jeans thing too, right? Rock on Kimmy.

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Speaking frankly, we can’t see this whole pierced nails trend taking off again, purely because well, it’s a) a bit gross, and b) will have us dragging everything from clothes to small children around with us after the hoops catch on EVERYTHING in the general vicinity. Never mind putting on a pair of tights in the morning. Imagine.

Either, Kim never fails to get the office talking. Would you rock pierced nails? Discuss.