Kim Kardashian’s Been Tagging Her Twitter Photos All Wrong

Kim Kardashian has accidentally made one teenager’s dream come true. And it’s all down to her repeated Twitter faux pas.

You know when you’re in the moment, enjoying a night out with your pals, and you just don’t have time to look up their Twitter alias? Instead, you guess and hope for the best? Yep, well Kim clearly feels that on the regs, as she’s been wrongly tagging her photographer pal Mert Alas for a while now.

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> The non-famous Mert Alas…


Instead, she’s been tagging in 17-year-old Turkish teenager Mert Alas (to be fair, his handle is @mertalas), and the unkown teen definitely isn’t friends with Kim, Miley Cyrus or any of Mert’s other showbiz pals.


But hey, he’s loving life.



After being tagged repeatedly in selfies with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, young Mert has been lapping up the attention, and has been quick to thank the superstar for her love.

‘Thank you for everything @KimKardashian’, he’s tweeted.



‘@KimKardashian I love you baby’, came another gushing response.

So far, Kim has yet to correct her error (photographer Mert had to use the handle @mertaIas by changing the lower case ‘L’ to an upper case ‘i’, in case you were wondering).

But hey, we don’t think teenage Mert will be complaining… Ah, the power of a Kardashian.