Kim Kardashian On The One Lip Trend She Hates

Kim Kardashian has tried many beauty looks in her time, but want to know the one she’d never go back to?

In a new interview with her favourite make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic, the 35-year-old discusses her beauty looks from over the years, and mentions one she absolutely hated.

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‘I was pregnant, hugely pregnant, and I did this interview for Givenchy and he put a berry lip on me,’ Kim explained. ‘I just despise a berry lip for me.’

‘She hates a berry lip’, Mario confirmed.

> The dreaded berry lip Kim Kardashian *won’t* be going back to…


We actually think she looked quite pretty, but each to their own. 

Speaking of her other make-up faux pas, Kim said: ‘We used to go so heavy. We loved a white under-eye, we loved heavy lashes… Then we toned it down.’ 

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> Retro Kim was all about big lashes and tonnes of under-eye concealer…


Mario agreed that some of his Kimmy K beauty looks are best left in the past… ‘I used to go really heavy on her eyebrows and do really big lashes’, he said. 

‘We used to go so heavy on the concaler, that was our thing, and it became some huge trend.’ 

> Mario’s biggest pet peeve is *this* face that Kim pulls in the mirror…


Describing Kim’s 2016 as ‘more tasteful’, Mario added that now, they prefer to keep it ‘a little more fashion forward and pretty.’ 

Hilariously, Mario then let slip his biggest pet peeve about his very famous client. ‘You look in the mirror and you do this thing’, he told Kim. ‘She sucks in her cheekbones.’

LOL. We love these two.