Kim Kardashian Explains Away *That* Lemonade Dramz

Kim Kardashian raised a lot of eyebrows when she posted a series of very racy pictures whilst attending a friend’s wedding. 

Not only were people a little concerned that she was probably drawing attention away from, you know, the bride, but she was also accused of trying to steal Beyoncé’s thunder on the day of her Lemonade release. 

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The 34-year-old dropped her new visual album Lemonade with a 60-minute HBO special on Saturday night. And it’s safe to say, it pretty much broke Twitter.

Kim uploaded her NSFW photos to Instagram… just one minute before the video aired. Awks. 


So, what exactly was going down on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram feed? 

Taking to her website to explain ALL, she wrote, ‘Kanye and I went to our friend Dave Grutman’s wedding in Miami, and it’s been a while since our friends have been together and all dressed up, so we were just feeling inspired and wanted to take fun pics.’

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Um, makes sense?

She went on, ‘It was a different way to capture moments from the night. We were all so into snapping and coming up with different ideas. Even though Kanye doesn’t have an Instagram, he does the best job taking photos and choosing the right angles.’


But it seems that even her family members were a little shocked, as she recalls, ‘My mom even called me, frantic, when I posted that close-up photo of my boobs, asking me where it came from. She thought someone had hacked my phone. I said, “Relax, I posted it!!!”‘

Kim seemed to find the whole thing pretty amusing, as she noted, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many text messages from friends asking if I was drunk, LOL!’ 

So it really wasn’t anything to do with stealing Beyoncé’s big moment. Kimmy was just feeling creative. 

Kim has since referenced Beyoné’s Lemonade, which seems to have been the hottest topic of conversation this week. Taking to Instagram to share a snapshot, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star captioned, ‘Sipping on some Lemonade this morning…. #BeyInYeezy #WCW’.