Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner And Uber Come To Blows

After Kim complained that sister Kendall had been banned from Uber, the car service company have hit back to deny the claims...

So Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner have got beef with Uber. But Uber are fighting back.

Let us explain. Basically, Kim started kicking off over the weekend after being roped in to ‘driving Kendall around’ after her little sister was apparently ‘banned’ from Uber.

‘Ugh I have to drive @KendallJenner around tonight bc she’s banned from Uber!’, the mum-of-two tweeted.

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‘Why @Uber?!?!’ Kim continued. ‘She’s a “model” passenger!!!!’

The pair then took to Snapchat to air their frustration, with Kim telling fans: ‘Ok Uber, we want to know.’

Kendall then chimed in by adding, ‘Why did you ban me?’

‘Yeah, she’s suspended. This is not fair’, Kim added. ‘So we just want to know, why was Kendall suspended, because she’s literally like a model passenger.’

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‘I’m the best client,’ Kendall added. ‘I don’t understand.’

Kim was particularly annoyed as she was en route to a spray tan – at 11pm – and her little sis was interrupting her beauty schedule. We mean, we can understand the frustration.

However, a spokesperson for Uber soon hit back – and guess what? KJ wasn’t banned after all!

‘She has not been banned,’ an Uber source told Entertainment Tonight. ‘It was a minor account issue that is being resolved.’

‘It had nothing to do with behaviour. While it is being resolved her account was put on hold. Uber support has reached out.’

And there were no hard feelings from Kim, as she soon gave fans an update that Uber had ‘reached out to Kendall and fixed the issue’.

Phew. No more playing taxi for Kimmy, then.

The girls proceeded to have a fun night checking out Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ exhibition at a ‘secret art gallery location’ (we heard it was LA).

Kanye was there in robot form, with a screen showing his face transmitting live into the studio.

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