Katie Price Takes 7 Years To Acknowledge Kim Kardashian

It seems that both Katie Price and Kim Kardashian went on a little trip down memory lane over the weekend. 

And in doing so, they kept all of Twitter highly amused. 

Katie Price, who shot to fame as her alter ego Jordan, must have been feeling particularly nostalgic as she was scrolling through YEARS of social media notifications.



Price noticed a tweet that was sent out by Kim Kardashian back in 2009, when she had spotted the glamour model and then-husband Peter Andre aboard her flight.

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Flashback to those humble beginnings, the British TV personality was trying to make it big in the United States, and it looks like Kim had reached out, sharing her sighting with her own followers.



The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star gushed, ‘Omg Katie Price aka Jordan and her husband Peter are on my flight home from NYC!’

Fast-forward seven years, and Katie finally responds, tweeting to the megastar: ‘@KimKardashian awe that is so cute! Thankyou Kim #Flashback’.

Kim Kardashian is yet to respond. 

Um. Slightly awkward, no?