So This Is How Kim Kardashian Has Reacted To Kanye West’s Hospitalisation

Sending you love, Yeezy.

Kanye West has sparked concern amongst fans, family and friends after being hospitalised following the cancellation of his Pablo tour.

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Sources have now revealed to PEOPLE that the KUWTK star is being the supportive wife we knew she would be, and has been by Kanye’s side in the hospital.

‘Of course he’s getting the support that he needs right now,’ a source said to be close to West claims to the publication.

‘Family and friends are around. Kim is being amazing. As are all of his friends and team and inner circle.’

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Kim Kardashian was actually on her way to her first public appearance since her own terrifying ordeal in Paris a month ago, having been spotted flying to New York for the Angel Ball. But following the news about Kanye, she turned right around and headed back to LA.

The 39-year-old rapper was taken to UCLA Medical Centre allegedly for a ‘psychiatric evaluation’, after he had been ‘acting erratically,’ reportedly at his trainer’s home.

According to an LAFD spokesperson, West ‘was medically stable’ when he was taken to the hospital. It has also been reported that he went freely.

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Kanye’s friend John Legend has also spoken out in the wake of the news, telling CBS that he was ‘concerned’ by what he’d seen the last time he was with his friend.

He said,  ‘I was concerned by what I saw, so hopefully he’s getting some rest and some time to figure things out.’

This has shed light on the very important issue of mental health. West’s people have said that the reports of a ‘breakdown’ aren’t accurate, with a source telling PEOPLE, ‘It’s nothing like that. He’s just exhausted.’

Well, we’re pleased that Yeezy is taking care of himself and we hope he feels better soon.