5 Times Kim Kardashian Wore Joggers (In A Non Ironic Way)

Watch out Mel C. Kim Kardashian is reinventing the jogging bottom...

Kim Kardashian is known for making some bold style choices. Actually, we think it’s fair to say that Kim K is probably one of the bravest celebrities out there when it comes to going out on a fashion limb. PVC, fishnets, lycra cycling shorts (ermazing), there is nothing that Kim won’t try when it comes to making a sartorial statement.

And now it seems, the humble jogging bottom is having a bit of a KK revival. Not that Kim hasn’t flirted with this sports garment before. Oh no. Past incarnations of this trend have seen Kim rock the sweat pant in a more post-gym practical sense, but it’s been her recent foray into tracksuit glam that’s captured our attention.

Come on, styling out an Adidas popper pant with lacy lingerie? It’s brave. Even for Kim.

So, because we love the idea of wearing joggers and not looking like a slob, here’s five times Kim *kind of* nailed it.

1. Old School
Okay, so Kim has always been fond of a good sweat pant. In her pre-Kimye years, it wasn’t uncommon to see the reality star generally living life in her comfies. It did however make us normal types (that don’t look like Kim) think it was 100% acceptable to do the same.


Our standard uni look…

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2. Juicy Couture
This? This look is almost TOO Kim, even for Kim.

JUICY COUTURE TRACKSUITS GIVE ME LIFE!!!!! Check out my collection on my app! #AllPinkEverything #2007 #MajorClothAlert

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

3. Looking boss in burgundy
Wine coloured velour might be a no-no for some, but Kim (crazily) manages to make them look good – and not like she hasn’t just flash purchased them from Primark.


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4. THAT combo
We laughed. We scratched our heads. And while we can’t even begin to understand this look, we feel we have to award Kim a #smashedit


There are no words…

5. Roadster chic
Kim’s latest Instagram post proves that she’s still very much courting jogger glam. Full length fur? Why not?


A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Would you rock a Kim K jogger IRL? Let us know…