Here’s Why Interviewing Kim Kardashian Isn’t Totally Pleasant

Interviewer Allison Kugel, who has grilled tonnes of celebrities, opens up about what it's like to meet Kim Kardashian...

We all know that the Kardashian sisters are all very different, but a celebrity journalist has just spilled about why Kim is not her favourite to interview. At all.

Allison Kugel has interviewed tonnes of celebrities over her lifetime – over 200, to be exact – and she’s now written a book, In Journaling Fame: A Memoir of a Life Unhinged and on the Record, divulging her best and worse experiences.

Speaking to, Allison has revealed that when it came to meeting Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, she definitely found Kim the trickiest.

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kim kardashian

Allison revealed that she found Kim a little bit more ‘circus’ than her sisters…

‘I’ve interviewed Kim twice and both times I’ve found her to be focused on the wrong things,’ Allison admitted.

‘I’ll never forget when I tried to get her to talk about politics, I tried to get her to talk about life and she really just wanted to focus on things that were a little bit more superficial.

‘She’s a sweet person, very accommodating, very professional but she didn’t really let me in or let me get to know her in a way I had hoped for. Kim is a little bit more ‘circus’ than her sisters, to be honest.’

khloe kardashian

Ms Krugel was a big fan of Khloe, and said she had a ‘big heart’

However, Ms Krugel went on to reveal a super cute story about Khloe, which has only made us love her even more.

‘The first time I was meant to interview Khloe I actually had to cancel on her about 30 minutes before the interview because I was pregnant and I wasn’t feeling well,’ she said.

‘We rescheduled for the next day and when I spoke to her I apologised and she said, “Please, I’m not important. How are you? How’s the baby?” She was really kind. She has a really big heart and I think very fondly of her because of that.’

Aw. We love you, Khlo.

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And Allison was a big fan of eldest sister Kourtney, too.

‘Kourtney is one of those people where you can forget that she’s even famous because when you’re having a conversation with her she really just seems like one of your friends,’ she said.

‘She’s self-deprecating and a little insecure. She was telling me that she doesn’t really feel comfortable as a celebrity because she constantly worries about things she does or says on camera and afterwards she beats herself up worrying about how those things will come across when it airs.’

Well, we always knew they were three very different sisters…