Kim Kardashian Hires Baby Body Double For North West?

Kim Kardashian is reportedly considering hiring a baby body double to keep daughter North West out of the public eye, with protective dad Kanye West heading up the couple’s outlandish plan. 

Baby Kimye is still yet to be seen by a single member of the public, despite the fact that Kim gave birth to her five weeks ago. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star recently made her first return to normality since becoming a mum with a brief shopping trip in LA, but made sure to keep her baby girl closely hidden under a blanket-shaped disguise.

And now, the 32-year-old reality star and her rapper beau are said to be looking into employing a baby North lookalike to protect their only child from prying eyes.

“It may seem slightly paranoid, 
but he’s deadly serious about 
it”, a source told Now magazine about new dad Kanye. “Kanye’s terrified they could be the target of a kidnap attempt – or worse. There are a lot of crazy people out there and he keeps saying he’ll do whatever it takes to keep his family safe.”

The insider added: “He’s always been a worrier. But now he’s a father, he says he isn’t prepared to take any chances – with anything. That’s why he’s planning to employ body doubles to act as decoys for the three of them.”

Kim recently broke her impressively long post-birth silence and finally spoke out about the tiny new addition to the Kardashian family, gushing that motherhood was one of the “most exciting experiences of my life”.

Er, we know the PERFECT people for the body double job. Or maybe baby BFF Blue Ivy could audition for the position? OK, so we know she’s got 18 months on North, but as if anyone’s going to notice a teeny tiny detail like that…

By Robyn Munson

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