Kim Kardashian Addresses *Those* ‘Hiding’ Rumours

Kim Kardashian hasn’t really been spotted since giving birth to her second child, Saint West, sparking rumours that she was hiding away. 

But the reality star has well and truly cleared that up, with one series of tweets. 

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The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was spotted out and about in New York yesterday, and she soon found herself in the headlines once more. We missed you, Kimmy. 

But one headline in particular seemed to ruffle the mum-of-two’s feathers. 


The Daily Mail had captioned the new pictures of the star: ‘[emerging] from self-imposed diet exile’. 

Kim Kardashian, who has always admired the publication, decided that she wanted to clear things up. 

Taking to Twitter, the raven haired star said, ‘So I’m reading The Daily Mail, which I love btw but this headline isn’t cool. “Kim emerges from self imposed diet exile” REALLY?!’

She went on, ‘Isn’t it just called maternity leave? If coming to NYC support my husband & have so enjoyed my time at home with my babies & family.’

It’s true. The 35-year-old has welcomed a new baby boy, and is getting used to having two little ones, so it’s understandable that she’d want some family time.

Kim said, ‘Certainly not in a self imposed diet exile. Thats ridic!’

Kim Kardashian was spotted out with Amber Rose


Listing some of the activities she has been doing since the arrival of Saint, she explained: ‘I’ve brought my babies over friends/fam houses, parks & restaurants but because a picture wasn’t taken it didn’t happen & I’m in exile? smh’

The article soon changed its headline, and Kim acknowedged, ‘Thank you The Daily Mail for changing your headline! I really do love your site!’

Phew. All is right again.