Kim Kardashian Has Secret Meeting With Mel B In Sydney

Kim Kardashian has been spotted having a secret meeting with none other than Mel B. Who knew these stars were such good friends?

The pair were photographed having a little showbiz love-in on the Coco Noir yacht at Rose Bay Wharf in Sydney last night.

Mel B, dressed in a fitted white dress, gave Kim – who wore a grey and silver shift with her hair tied up into a chic top knot – the biggest of hugs and a smooch as she boarded the boat. Mel B lives in Sydney and is currently working as a judge on X Factor Australia, while Kim is down under to er… well, go shopping.

We’ve no idea when the pair became such BFFs, but we LOVE it. Whatever could they be talking about? Mel B designing a clothing line for DASH? The Spice Girls dueting with Kanye West? Or is Kim merely picking up some X Factor tips for Khloe Kardashian, who’s set to host the X Factor USA?

Oops, we’ve totally got ahead of ourselves, haven’t we… But Kanye and the Spice Girls?! Imagine… RM