Kim Kardashian Admits She’s Moved Back To Her Mum’s House

Kim Kardashian West and her rapper hubster Kanye West are anything but your conventional married couple. 

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The pregnant star has opened up on her personal website,, that she’s currently moved back into Kris Jenner’s home.

But, don’t panic, it’s not a sign that her and Kanye are in trouble. In fact, Kanye is currently working on a remodelling project for their family home. We imagine that this could be in anticipation of the arrival of their second child, a brother for little North West. 


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The reality star often uses her social media sites, and her personal app, to give her fans and followers a glimpse into her everyday life. And this time, it’s been no different. 

Kim treated her fans to a tour of her temporary wardrobe, which just so happens to be in the garage of her mum’s home.

Yes, that’s right. This fashionista isn’t worried about storing her many designer beauties here.

>The video from her website shows her temporary wardrobe


The social media mogul explained: ‘I have my tiny little closet in my moms garage because I’m living with her.’

Kim moved her phone around to show off the garage space.

The 35-year-old explained: ‘So I just have all my stuff in here so that I’m not like overwhelming her…’

This isn’t the first time that Kim has moved back home. Back in 2013, Kim stayed at the Calabasas mansion when Kanye ordered another remodel of the couple’s newly purchased $11million Bel Air mansion.

Kim showed her fans around her rails of clothing, as well as stacks of shoes and boots that were lining the floor neatly.

And that’s not even her entire wardrobe. She revealed: ‘…its just the stuff that fits me when I’m pregnant.’



She went on: ‘There’s my Givenchy dress going back into it’s archive.’ Of course, this is the infamous floral maternity gown that Kim-K brought back out again as part of this year’s Halloween costumes.

So. Does Kimmy mind living at her mum’s so close to her due date? 

‘Course not. She says, ‘We laugh, we take tons of photos. We’re like we’ll remember the day.’