Kim Kardashian Says People ‘Don’t Get’ Husband Kanye

The world has watched Kanye West and his Twitter rants over the past few weeks. 

There hasn’t really been a topic that’s off the table for this rapper; we’ve had a feud with an ex, a narration of financial woes and a debate about the price of school textbooks, amongst many other things. 

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Up until now, wife Kim Kardashian has kept pretty quiet about all of the attention surrounding ‘ye’s social media antics, but it seems that she’s decided to break her silence.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has dedicated a Currently blog to her other half, posted to her website, listing what she’s thinking and feeling.

So, what’s she loving? The mum-of-two wrote simply, ‘My husband.’



Kim Kardashian went on to pen that she hated that ‘people don’t get that Kanye will stand up against the whole world for his creativity and art’ and the reality star also said that she wished that everyone could be ‘as honest as Kanye’.

Well, one read of his tweets does show that Yeezy isn’t afraid to share what’s really on his mind.

Kim Kardashian lead the family in support of Kanye’s fashion show


The reality star also revealed that she was listening to the song I Love Kanye, and wearing ‘Yeezy Season 3 samples I took from the show.’

As if that wasn’t already a lot of Kanye, she also wrote that she was watching her man shoot his new video, whilst also reading his tweets. Blimey. 

She signed off with a Kimoji of her own hand with a well-manicured middle finger sticking up. The SASS. 

This power couple is still going strong.