Kim Kardashian Clears Up Rumours About Her Bum

Kim Kardashian has something to say about her bum. And she wants you to know that it’s not as big as people think it is.

The 35-year-old has been addressing some of the craziest rumours about herself on her website, and one of them called into question the size of her derriere.

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‘I recently Googled myself for the first time in a while, and what I saw is pretty crazy’, Kim said, before referring to a headline that claimed the mum-of-two had a bum that measured 55 inches around.

‘My butt is not that big’, Kim retorted. ‘I would say it’s about 12 inches off, but it’s definitely not 55 inches.’ LOL.


The Kardashian sisters’ bums have always been a heavily debated topic, because, how can they really be that bootylicious?! Although Kim recently revealed a secret we didn’t know about how she enhances her behind…

Revealing all on her website, Kim posted a video called ‘Tips From My Spray Tan Guru Jimmy Coco’, in which she revealed that she’s a BIG fan of bum contouring. Erm, okay.

‘The tan that I do on Kim not only enhances her beautiful skin tone, but it enhances her muscle tone also’, Kim’s favourite tanner explained.


‘To give your butt a little lift, ask your technician to shade a half heart on each butt cheek, leaving the upper part of the inside of the heart a little bit lighter which will create the illusion of a lifted butt.’

Wowza. So she’s been tricking us all along?! Oh, she’s a sneaky one… Still, not sure we’ll be trying bum-touring any time soon. Far too much effort if you ask us!