Did Kim Kardashian Just Try To Steal Beyoncé’s Thunder?

Unless you’ve spent the past 48 hours in bed (TBH, we wouldn’t blame you), you’ll know that there’s been some big Beyoncé news.

The 34-year-old dropped her new visual album Lemonade with a 60-minute HBO special on Saturday night. And it’s safe to say, it pretty much broke Twitter.

Tweets from ecstatic fans included: ‘Oh damn! I’m just sitting here with my mouth agape. This is amazing. #LEMONADE,’ and: ‘LEMONADE IS SO GOOD OH MY GOD.’

Beyoncé released Lemonade on Saturday night


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But there was one person who didn’t seem quite so bothered about Queen Bey’s comeback – Kim Kardashian. Eep.

Kim, 35, was accused of trying to steal Beyoncé’s thunder after she started posting some very saucy photos to Instagram… one minute before the video aired.

Let’s hope this wasn’t how Beyoncé was feeling about Kim Kardashian


Yep. At exactly 8.59pm, Kim unleashed a series of super-intimate photos of herself, friends and husband Kanye West celebrating a lavish wedding in Miami.

The first of the 15 shots showed Kanye nuzzling his wife’s neck, before we were treated to images of people’s legs, bums and boobs.

Kim Kardashian kicked her photo spree off with this snap


These uploads continued throughout the hour between 9-10 (AKA Bey Time). And there was a whole lot of groping, licking and nibbling going on.

In fact, we’re not sure if they may be a little NSFW.

There were legs…


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Whatever the case, Beyoncé devotees were NOT impressed.

Kim received messages including: ‘Kim what are you doing like its Beyonce’s night. Don’t be selfish,’ and: ‘Kim Kardashian isn’t gonna let Beyoncé have all the attention tonight.’

…and bums


The debate was still going on the next morning, with one Tweeter commenting: ‘Kim Kardashian was so jealous of Beyonce last night she thirstily started Snapchatting her cleavage LOL.’

Crikey. Maybe she just didn’t notice what was going on over on HBO? We mean, she did look pretty caught up…