Kim Kardashian’s Life Sounds Seriously Scary Since Her Attack

New reports are claiming that Kim will now be accompanied by two 'heavily armed' security guards, as well as being driven around in an armoured vehicle...

Kim Kardashian went through a life-changing experience one week ago, when she was tied up and gagged in her Paris apartment by five masked gunmen.

And understandably, her life has changed dramatically since. Not only is Kim said to be still very ‘shaken up’, but she’s basically been in hiding as she recovers from her terrifying ordeal.

Filming of her family’s show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, has been suspended, and she’s been totally absent from social media.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West out and about, New York, USA - 06 Oct 2016

And now, reports are claiming that her life is now dramatically different from how it used to be, with her and Kanye allegedly calling in former special service agents in a bid to ramp up her¬†security to ‘presidential levels’.

According to TMZ, the mum-of-two will now be accompanied everywhere by at least two heavily armed guards, and will also ride in an armoured car.

Eep. Kim’s new normal sounds a little bit scary, no?

Kim Kardashian

It’s also being reported that one of the thirteen pieces of jewellery stolen from Kim’s accommodation has now been found on the street outside her hotel.

The item in question is reportedly a platinum mounted diamond cross necklace by Jacob and Co., worth an estimated $33,180 .

Police are said to be checking the necklace for traces of DNA that could help them track down the culprits.

We only hope they succeed.