Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Hit With New Affair Claims

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship has hit the headlines once again, as a Canadian model named Layla Ghobadi has claimed Kanye has cheated on his girlfriend with her, on numerous occasions.

Speaking to a US magazine, Layla, 24, says she hooked up with the rapper after his Atlantic City concert on July 6, 2012 — while Kim was also in the audience.

The model claims Kanye spotted her in the crowd of his show and had his bodyguard invite her to his hotel room the following night. Then, after “taking shots of Jack Daniel’s together, [they] began to make out for a while — and next thing [they] knew, we were both naked and having sex.”

She goes on to claim that the affair continued and that the pair “had sex” in October, even after Kim had announced her pregnancy and that Kanye even tried to meet up with her last week. When Layla supposedly questioned Kanye about Kim she says he dismissed their relationship as just “for publicity and nothing serious.” Ouch!

Despite the reports Kanye, 36, recently opened up about his relationship with Kim, 32, saying she is “an amazing person that I’m in love with.”

Kim’s rep has denied Layla’s shock claims saying it’s “not true” and Kanye’s people are yet to comment.

Let’s hope, with their baby due next month, things are don’t get messy with Kimye.

By Lydia Southern

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