What We Learnt From Kim Kardashian’s First Cover Interview

Let’s all think back to a time when we’d never heard of Kim Kardashian. It’s hard to remember, isn’t it?

But back in early 2007, she was just a 26-year-old Hollywood socialite with a handful of famous friends (Paris Hilton was her BFF) and a job as a closet organiser.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians had yet to air and she was years away from settling down with husband Kanye West.

> This is the Kim Kardashian we knew in 2007


Now Kim’s first ever cover interview has emerged from the depths of the internet – and it’s really quite enlightening.

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The shoot was with Complex magazine, and here’s what we learnt…

1) She referred to herself as ‘Princess Kim

> Kim Kardashian has changed quite a bit since 2007



The opening paragraph of the feature reads: ‘Despite what people may assume of Paris Hilton’s childhood BFF, Princess Kim (as she likes to call herself) is no trust-fund hussy.

‘Kim owns a high-end LA boutique, Dash, reorganizes closets professionally (she’s doing Lindsay’s next week!), styles celebs, and slangs closet accessories on infomercials.’

2) She name dropped quite a bit…

> Kim Kardashian was once best pals with Paris Hilton



Example one: ‘The other night Paris went to Area, and next to us was Britney’s table and I was walking around and I saw Justin and I was like: “Ah! We have to wait and see if there’s a dance-off!” I wanted to go home, but I’m not gonna lie, I stayed a little bit longer. There wasn’t a dance-off.’

Example two: ‘I remember, I used to tell one of my really good friends, Brandy – the singer Brandy – you know she has every purse and shoe and every outfit. I’d be like: “Let’s not buy a $5,000 bag for once and let’s go on vacation.”’

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Example three: ‘[The] Game and I have been friends for years. He came to Paris’s album release party and we all took a picture together – me, Paris, and him – and yet he and I are “dating.”’

3) She had A LOT of confidence

> Kim Kardashian used to love a statement earring



When asked how she’d rate herself in bed, she answered: ‘Twenty, on a scale of one to ten… I’m really passionate and sensitive.’