A Moving Van Has Been Spotted Outside Kim And Kanye’s House, And Fans Are Worried

Multiple pictures have shown a moving van parked outside Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Hidden Hills home

Hmm, well this is interesting. A moving van has been spotted parked outside Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Bel Air estate in Los Angeles. Wait, does this mean someone is thinking about moving out?

The truck — snapped yesterday —bears the logo of North Hollywood, California-based company ‘Dino’s Moving & Storage’, and contains equipment used for transporting furniture or goods. Fans are now worried this could mean the reality star and Grammy-winning rapper are separating.


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Team Kimye have been through a turbulent few months. Between Kim’s robbery and Kanye’s stint in hospital, the couple have been under an incredible amount of pressure to remain a solid family unit.  And let’s not forget those awful divorce rumours. Is this moving van evidence of a break-up?

Now, before you all start panicking and breaking the internet, there is actually a more realistic (and innocent) explanation for these startling snaps.

Kim and Kanye's million-dollar Bel Air mansion is currently under construction

Kim and Kanye’s million-dollar Bel Air mansion when under construction

Kim and Kanye have been living in the Bel Air estate since March of last year, following extensive renovations in excess of $2million. Changes have been made to the outdoor patio, roof, and pool areas of the 9,000 square ft mansion, so it could be that the moving van is connected to further modifications the couple may have planned.

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It could also be related to the ongoing work being completed at their Hidden Hills home, just 20 miles west of the Bel Air property. This $20million pad was reportedly still a work-in-progress, but it could be that the mansion is finally ready to move into. Guess they might need one or two moving vans, right? Right. Sounds reasonable to us.

Phew, and here we were getting worried! We really don’t think we could handle any more bad news this week 🙁