So This Is What The Kid From Elf Looks Like Now…

Spoiler: He's all grown up now

We’re prepared to go out on a limb and say that Elf is probably one of the best Christmas films of all time.

Sure, there are classic tear-jerkers like Love Actually and It’s A Wonderful Life.

Then there’s the we’re-not-kids-anymore-but-we’re-going-to-watch-it-every-year-anyway offerings such as The Muppets Christmas Carol and The Polar Express. 

And then there’s curveballs like The Holiday and Die Hard. 

Yup. They all deserve a play on our telly screens at this time of year. But we think that Elf ticks all of the boxes.

And if you’ve been wondering what happened to Buddy’s little brother, Micheal, we’re here with an update for you.

Child star Daniel Tay was just 12-years-old when the film came out in 2003 (yes, it really was that long ago).

He’s in his 20s now, and seems to have had a rapid makeover in the hair department. Haven’t we all, eh?

In 2009, Daniel was photographed at an event for the AIDS Foundation in New York. And we have to admit, we barely recognised him.

Other than that, he doesn’t seem to have been in the spotlight too much. But when you’ve got a starring role in one of the most popular Christmas movies of all time, we can kinda understand why you might want to sit back and enjoy it.

BRB. We’re off to watch Elf.