Kickstarter has managed to fund 100,000 start-ups and is celebrating with WEIRD trivia

Kickstarter represents everything amazing, inventive and liberating about the free market. It signifies a ‘power to the people’ model of business that’s been missing in the world economy for hundreds of years.

As of today, and after seven years, Kickstarter has successfully funded 100,000 start-up projects, with varying levels of success.

The final tally on Kickstarter’s wall was a photography project by a National Geographic photographer called Falklands/Malvinas: One War. This is the kind of niche and wonderful project that the Kickstarting community is happy to donate their hard-earned cash toward.

To celebrate the milestone, Kickstarter have released a comprehensive list of 100 pieces of crowd-funding trivia they’ve stumbled upon after nearly a decade of making entrepreneurs’ dreams come true.

Since 100 is a big old number, we’ve collected our top 10 pieces of Kickstarter trivia which you view below. If you want to check out the full list or even just learn more about crowdfunding, be sure to visit their website.

1. The highest number of successfully funded projects by a single creator is 94 – it’s hard to imagine being funded for one.

2. Number of creators who have pledged more money to other Kickstarter projects than they raised for their own funded projects is 803.

3. Number of creators who have won a Grammy for their Kickstarter project so far: 4

4. The weight of the Light Phone, a credit-card-sized cell phone designed to be used as little as possible: 38.5 grams – that’s roughly the weight of a DVD disc.

5. Number of people who backed Marina Abramovic’s project for a hug 1,359

6. Number of Shakespeare vs. Cthulhu projects, surprisingly, 1

7. Estimated weight of a 15-foot-tall robot – with two people sitting inside – outfitted to participate in the world’s first giant robot duel: 5601 kg

8. Number of mysterious letters sent to perfect strangers by conceptual artists Lenka Clayton and Michael Crowe, who are attempting to hand-write personal letters to everyone in the world: 2132

9. Number of Kickstarter funded film projects that have been nominated for an Oscar: 11

10. Percentage of creators who enjoyed creative freedom bringing new ideas to life with a community of supporters — collectively shifting who has access to cultural funding, and building a more inspired, diverse, and creative world in the process: 100%

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