Khloe Kardashian Explains That She’s Has Reconstructive Surgery

Khloe Kardashian has come out in defence of Photoshopping that Instagram picture.

The 31-year-old came under fire back in February when she posed for a post-workout selfie in which she was seen pulling down the top of her leggings to reveal her to-die-for abs. Hot mama.

But Khloe’s fans were quick to notice that something wasn’t quite right with the picture, because if you looked closely, there was a slight bend visible in the doorway next to her thigh. Oops.

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> Khloe got in trouble with her fans for Photoshopping *this* image of her abs


After receiving a backlash of comments, the 31-year-old quickly deleted the picture, later posting the original on Instagram, without the bump in her thigh edited out.

And now, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has created a new blog post to explain her decision to Photoshop. 

‘Whenever I post a picture of my legs on Instagram, everyone comments on how fu**ed up my knees look’, Khloe explained. ‘It’s because I’ve had reconstructive surgery, you a**holes!’

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Yep, when she was 16, Khloe was in a nasty car crash, which has now resulted in one of her legs being thinner than the other.

‘My right leg is an inch and a half thinner than my left because my muscles deteriorated and never recovered’, Khloe continued.

> Khloe explains that one of her thighs is slimmer than the other after reconstructive surgery


‘It’s funny because everyone made a big stink about this Instagram photo because I Photoshopped it. Yes, I did Photoshop it, but I was trying to make my thinner leg look bigger to match my other leg! All I want are big, thick thighs and I hate how skinny my legs are.’

So, that’s that cleared up then. Still, we don’t think KK should be ashamed of her scars – we’ve all got them, and that’s exactly what makes us unique.

> Khloe explains that one of her thighs is slimmer than the other after reconstructive surgery