Khloé Kardashian Just Released Her Food Shopping List

All eyes have been on Khloé Kardashian and her changing body.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has made no secret of the fact that she’s radically changed her diet and workout routine, in a bid to get into shape and live a healthier lifestyle.

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But if you’ve been wondering exactly what this lady has been eating, she’s just put you out of your misery.


Taking to her website, the reality star has penned a grocery list of exactly what she likes to eat. And it seems she has a real penchant for fruit.

Khlo explains, ‘I love going to the grocery store. The first thing I buy is fruit. I’m obsessed with sliced fruit, so I have to have a ton of fruit in the house or I will go ballistic’.

Err. We wouldn’t want to stand in the way of this Kardashian’s vitamins, then…

She continued: ‘I like mangos, pears and bananas. Don’t f*** with my fruit!’

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Khloé also makes sure that she has plenty of Smartwater, bread, eggs, almond milk and veggies in her fridge.

The reality star also loves some maple honey turkey slices for meals and snacks.

This all sounds pretty healthy, but the 31-year-old doesn’t shy away from some treats every once in a while. She says that she loves to bake, and also has a cookie jar which she fills with oreos. 

Girl after our own hearts.