Khloe Kardashian On Her Worst Fashion Fail

It’s fair to say that Khloe Kardshian is a fan of oversharing.

And this time, she’s taken to her blog to discuss thongs, shoes and her camel toe.

Yep, her camel toe.

On the topic of thongs, Khloe revealed that she got her first one when she was 13-years-old.

She wrote: ‘I was 13 or 14 when I got my first thong in an Easter egg. I don’t know if the egg was meant for me, LOL!’

‘Kim and Kourtney were older, so it could’ve been for them.’

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Hang on – AN EASTER EGG? We usually just get chocolate for Easter, but we guess when you’re a Kardashian, anything goes…

Khloe continued: ‘I took it with me and put it on. It was so uncomfortable, and I was like, “What the f*** is this?!” It was the worst feeling, but I just kept wearing it because I just thought it was what you’re supposed to wear.’

She went on to admit that she now regrets her dodgy teenage underwear decision, adding: ‘I even remember my mom asking me what was wrong, and I was too embarrassed to say. I was 13 – I shouldn’t have been wearing a thong!’

Thongs aren’t exactly known for their comfort, so we totally get you, Khlo.



The 31-year-old’s next fashion hit came from a rather unlikely source – her late father, Robert Kardashian.

‘When I was 16, my dad bought me Dolce & Gabbana knee-high boots’, Khloe explained. ‘They had safety pins all up and down the back and were so punk rock, LOL.

‘He found them on sale at Neiman Marcus and said he thought of me. I still have them and would wear them to this day. They remind me of him.’

Aww. Sweet.

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Khloe also paid tribute to her long term stylist Monica Rose, and admitted she used to get ignored by other stylists due to her size.

‘When I was styled by other people, no one ever paid attention to me or cared about me’, she said.

‘Kim and Kourtney would get racks and racks of options and I would get five dresses in a size 14, which wasn’t even my size.

‘I would cry because I felt so sh****.’

Poor KK.

Finally, Khloe wrapped up the post by discussing her camel toe, which she has affectionately named Camille.

She said, ‘I remember I once wore yellow skinny jeans and a Kardashian Kollection tribal shirt — and Camille was out! I had to call it out on Twitter because the paparazzi pics were so bad. That’s how she got her name!’


At least she owns it!


By Megan Wiseman