People Are Angry At Khloe Kardashian For This US Election Tweet

But the 32-year-old was quick to clap back at the criticism...

Khloe Kardashian has been forced to defend a Tweet she sent during the US presidential election.

As the results began coming in, the 32-year-old told her followers: ‘I guess either way you look at it, history will be made tonight. Spread love. Not hate! ❤️.’

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This led some people came to the wrong conclusion, assuming that her positive message meant she’d voted for Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Comments included: ‘Delete this,’ and: ‘You’ll have to “spread love” for those of us that get deported or killed in a random “stop & frisk” encounter if Trump wins.’

However, Khloe was quick to hit back, insisting that she actually ticked the box for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton

Khloe Kardashian voted for Hillary Clinton

When one fan wrote: ‘Khloé said that… I lost all the respect I had for you @khloekardashian I had for you @khloekardashian,’ she responded: ‘I’m not sure how this tweet implied I voted for trump. Im with HER [sic].’

After another said: ‘@khloekardashian what history will be made if trump wins sis? first president that doesn’t feel the need to pay taxes?’ she said: ‘History in a bad way. You guys must open up your minds.’

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Khloe continued to reply to a number of similar Tweets. To the person who wrote: ‘@khloekardashian yeah. Hillary wins, we have our first ever woman President. Trump wins, it’s the end of America as we know it. Historic! 😞,’ she simply concurred: ‘Exactly.’

And when she received support in the form of the message: ‘You lost all respect for her because she says to spread love, not hate? wowz,’ she agreed: ‘Yeah… Im confused too [sic].’

It was pretty clear how Khloe really felt when she later added: ‘It shouldn’t be this close 😫 #ElectionNight.’

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the new President-elect of the United States

Unfortunately for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, things didn’t go the way that she (or her followers) wanted. Trump beat Hillary in the race to the White House, becoming the new President-elect.

On the whole, celebrities and the internet haven’t reacted too kindly to the news.