Khloe Kardashian’s 8-Step Guide To A Happy Vagina

KoKo is the proud owner of a very giddy area, apparently…

If you thought taking regular showers and changing your knickers often was enough to keep your vagina happy, think again. According to Khloe Kardashian there are at least EIGHT steps to a happy va-jay-jay.

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Remember when Khloe helpfully revealed how she and her sisters like to wear their down-there hair? (Kim ‘bare’, Khloe ‘a landing strip’, Kourtney ‘boho chic’)

She also gets a regular vagina facial, aka vajacial

Now the star has shared tips on her website, giving fans a very unique glimpse into her grooming and maintenance routine.

khloe kardashian

KoKo starts with tools to exercise her pelvic floor. She inserts glass balls and holds then inside for a period of time to help strengthen her PF. It’s like ‘Pilates for your cha-cha’ appaz.

Khloe is dedicated to keeping her area ‘fresh’

KK also has a sort-of FitBit for her vagina to keep track of her clenches. On top of her tools and a regular ‘vajacial’ Khloe also likes to use…

Pro-flora supplements

Cleansing wipes

A vaginal moisturiser especially for the labia

Anti-shaving irritation gel

Feminine hygiene washes

khloe kardashian

That’s a whole heap of lady garden kit, Khlo. She says it helps keep her vagina “feeling fresh and looking $.”

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She must dedicate a LOT of time to this and we’re not sure how healthy all of these potions really are for your very sensitive and pH balanced parts?

Tbh, we’d rather have a lie-in than get up early to moisturise our labia…