Kendall And Kylie Jenner Have A Nightmare At NYFW

Kendall and Kylie got stuck in a life, and of course, Kylie Snapchatted the whole thing...

Kylie and Kendall Jenner had a pretty terrifying ordeal at New York Fashion Week yesterday.

You’d think that being two hugely famous megastars means you’re kind of immune to life’s little annoyances – because surely there are always people on hand to sort it out, right?

Well, not in Kylie and Kendall’s case last night, as the sisters found themselves in every claustrophobia-sufferer’s worst nightmare.

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Because as they were travelling between shows, the teen queens only went and got stuck in a lift. TRUE STORY.

Of course, Kylie captured the whole thing on Snapchat, and we’re not going to lie – the whole thing sounded pretty terrifying.

Kylie began with telling her phone: ‘My worst nightmare just happened…We are stuck in the elevator.’


She then pans round to show who she was sharing the scary experience with, showing big sis Kendall, model pal Hailey Baldwin and BFF Jordan Woods.

Sensible Kendall then attempted to find a solution, and is seen talking to a lift attendant via the intercom. Good idea, very good.

However, the girls soon gave up and waited to be rescued like proper damsels in distress – at least they had a few snack bars on hand, which Kendall soon tucked into to pass the time.

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At last, the girls managed to get out of the lift thanks to a few handy firemen who broke into the elevator to set the famous ladies free.



‘My panic attack passed’, Kendall then jokes. Crikey. The dramatic lives of the rich and famous, eh?