Kendall Jenner Says Khloe Is Ruining Her Fitness Plan

Kendall Jenner has made a startling confession about her current fitness regime. 

The 20-year-old model has had a seriously hectic few months, storming the catwalks over Fashion Week and promoting her new Estee Lauder make-up range. 

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> Kendall says she’s been eating badly, but come on, you’d *never* be able to tell…


And all the while, she’s been (as usual), looking totally fit and fantastic.

But what if we were to tell you that Kendall hasn’t actually worked out ONCE since last November?!

Yep, in a new interview with PeopleStyle, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star admits that she’s let her exercise regime take a backseat since the highly-anticipated lingerie parade. 

> Kendall Jenner says she trained super hard for the Victoria’s Secret show in November…


‘I’ve been really, really bad and I literally haven’t worked out once since the Victoria Secret show in November,’ she admitted.

‘I worked out so hard for that, like, literally every single day – sometimes twice,’ she recalled. ‘I’d go to my trainer, then I’d go for a run a couple hours later.’

Now that’s dedication… No wonder she felt like a break!

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> Kendall’s been busy storming Paris Fashion Week, and says she’s let her fitness game go


And it’s not just her fitness game that she’s let slip a little lately – Kendall admits that she’s also relaxed her diet in a big way over the past four months. 

‘I was really on point, and I haven’t been eating the same’, she confessed. ‘Like I’ve been eating just s*** all the time. Because I feel like I’m on vacation now for the past couple months.’ 

And despite her reputation for a super healthy lifestyle, it sounds like one sister in particular hasn’t helped Kendall stick to her typical model diet… 

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Explaining that she’s currently obsessing over Fritos Chili Cheese crisps, Kendall added that if she wants to snack, she’ll head straight to Khloe Kardashian’s house. 

‘She has the greatest snacks ever,’ says Jenner. ‘She always has. Literally, I walk in her house – [and] it’s dangerous.’

Mmm. Sounds like our kind of pad!

> Kendall says Khloe’s house is the worst for tempting treats!