Did This Celebrity Just Expose Kendall Jenner’s Sexuality?

Tyler The Creator has sent out a suggestive tweet about model Kendall's sexual persuasion...

Kendall Jenner has managed to avoid any major speculation about her love life, if we’re comparing her to her sisters.

But fresh speculation has been thrown on the model’s sexuality, thanks to a recent rumour that she could be dating rapper Tyler The Creator.

You see, Kendall decided to shut down the rumours by cheekily tweeting Tyler saying: ‘Apparently we’re dating’.

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And then came the bombshell. Because the artist replied with: ‘NOT POSSIBLE, WE’RE BOTH GAY.’

And let’s just say it caused a little bit of chaos from then onwards.

‘S**T KENDALL JENNER EXPOSED’, wrote one excited fan.

‘Hendall and zigi was a cover for kengi’, guessed another, alluding to the fact that Harry Styles and Zayn Malik are secretly covering for Kendall and Gigi’s relationship. Lols.

‘Ho. Lee. Crap’, summed up another.

Tyler’s announcement comes after reports about Kendall and A$AP Rocky being ‘the real deal’, and claims they were ‘full on dating.’

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Kendall jenner

Kendall has also been linked to rapper A$AP Rocky…

However, A$AP’s step mum doesn’t seem too keen on the idea of the couple, saying: ‘I’ve heard all about him dating Kendall and I don’t like it.’

‘Everything I hear about the Kardashians makes me think they are a bad family for Rakim [A$AP’s real name] to be involved with. They are just not the kind of people I’d like to see him hanging around with.’

Crikey. She added: ‘I don’t want him being dragged into that circus, he is too good for that and can do so much better.’