Did Kendall Jenner Try To Have Tallia Storm Thrown Out Of A Party?!

Scottish singer Tallia Storm found herself on the receiving end of Kendall Jenner's wrath when she failed to recognise her at an LA party.

You know when you’re just trying to enjoy hanging out at a party, then Kendall Jenner tries to have you thrown out? Well, no, most of us won’t even find out what that’s like, but that’s what apparently happened to Scottish singer Tallia Storm.

She attended the Next Radio App party in LA over the weekend, and the Daily Mail reports that she spotted her pal Hailey Baldwin and went over to say hello. But when she failed to recognise Kendall, it kicked off.

“Hailey came into the VIP area and Tallia, 17, went to speak to her because she met her at the MTV EMAs last November,” a friend of Tallia’s tells the Mail. “She approached her and didn’t realise Kendall was next to her – she was wearing a white strappy top and her hair was in a ponytail – so she stopped in front of her to speak to Hailey. Kendall…started shouting to the bouncer ‘Excuse me, can you come over here and escort this girl away?'”

It seems Tallia wasn’t removed from the party, though, as she tweeted #SheTried #AndFailed later that day. “The security refused [to throw her out] a spokesperson for Tallia told LOOK. “Kendall then asked a second security and he refused too, which left Kendall looking rather embarrassed.”

This doesn’t sound like the Kendall we know and love. But hey, who knows what goes on behind-the-scenes?! Still, the source insisted that Tallia doesn’t want any bad blood between her and Kendall. “If anything Tallia is gutted as there was no incident as such,” the spokesperson continued. “She is a huge fan of the Jenners and Kardashsians and for Kendall to behave in such a way is simply bad manners, nothing else.

“The reference on her Twitter to ‘upstaging’ wasn’t in reference to attire – it was etiquette. Good manners will always upstage someone with none. Thankfully Tallia handled herself with grace.”
It isn’t the first time Kendall’s been accused of diva behaviour. Last year, she allegedly showed up late to a number of the shows she was appearing in at New York Fashion Week. Kendall hasn’t referenced the incident on her own social media, but it’s not the first time she and Tallia met: the previous week, they’d both been at the Teen Choice Awards at LA’s Forum, where Kendall won the, er, Choice Female Hottie Award.
Girls, if you meet again, just hug it out, OK?