Kendall Jenner Slams Sister Kylie’s Wig Obsession

Kylie Jenner might be all about the glam, but there are some lengths that sister Kendall Jenner just isn’t prepared to go to.

Apart from her obsession with make-up, Kylie’s probably most well known for her love of wigs, which have enabled her to try out blue, blonde, grey, turquoise and navy coloured hair over the years.

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And when she walked for Balmain at Paris Fashion Week last month, Kendall got to try a wig of her own when she was transformed into a blonde bombshell alongisde model pal Gigi Hadid.

In a new blog post called Blondes Have More Fun, the 20-year-old wrote: ‘It was totally surreal when Gigi and I took our blonde Balmain runway wigs to IRL after the show! I almost felt like I was a different person.’

But it wasn’t a totally pleasant experience for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.



‘Those wigs are SO uncomfortable, though’, Kendall added. ‘(I don’t understand how Kylie does it!).’

She continued: ‘I was sweating so badly because they make you crazy hot. It was like wearing a beanie to go dancing! At the end of the night, I just ripped it off, which I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to do.’

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Crikey. If they’re that uncomfortable, then Kylie does a pretty stellar job of styling out the side-effects…

‘I would do a wig again, but dyeing my hair would ruin it’, Kendall added. ‘I’m a brunette, through-and-through – that’s just me. It’s fun to have alter-egos!’

Looks like we won’t expect Kendall to be raiding Kylie’s wig closet anytime soon, then…