The Real Reason Why Kendall Jenner Skipped Kanye’s Yeezy Season 5 Show

Model Kendall Jenner was notably absent from Kanye's Yeezy FROW - so where was she?

Kanye West’s Season 5 Yeezy runway show was always going to be an A-list crowd draw.

Not only are you guaranteed a KUWTK heavy FROW, but the rapper’s sartorial imaginings season to season are normally a Fashion Week talking point. Fainting models? All in a day’s work for Ye. However, yesterday’s Season 5 debut — apart from being very low-key in comparison to his previous runway spectacles — wasn’t packing as much family punch as normal. Why? Well, sister-in-law Kendall Jenner was notably absent from the runway front row.


Kim Kardashian was there to support hubby Kanye at the Yeezy Season 5 presentation

Onlookers were quick to point out that Kim Kardashian — in a braless burgundy ensemble — and sister Kylie Jenner weren’t joined by their model sister, with some left wondering whether or not the 21-year-old had deliberately snubbed the Yeezy show. She’s always been a major presence at Kanye’s past presentations, so why wasn’t she supporting her brother-in-law yesterday, especially given all the problems Team Kimye have experienced in recent months? Fans were understandably, a bit baffled.


Kylie Jenner arrives at the Yeezy Season 5 show with Tyga

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In fact, the reason for Kendall’s absence makes perfect sense – she was actually walking in another catwalk show. Silence doubters!

Those suggesting that Kendall had publicly dissed Kanye by staging a no-show were forced to eat a sliver of humble pie just an hour later, when it was revealed that the model was actually walking in the Anna Sui show. Joining the likes of Taylor Hill and Gigi Hadid, Kendall sassed it out in the dramatic runway show, with mum Kris Jenner enthusiastically praising her in-demand daughter via social media.

‘You are breathtaking @kendalljenner!! Walking for @officialannasui today in NYC,’ the matriarch gushed on her offical Instagram, sharing snaps of KenJen styling some seriously cool threads.

And even though she missed Kanye’s show, Kendall made up for her prior work commitments by hand-delivering sister Kim (with model pal Bella Hadid) a congratulatory McDonald’s to celebrate – complete with nuggets. Cute.

‘Look at these delivery girls, they’re so cute!’ Kim K declared in yesterday’s Snapchat vid, which depicts the girls fresh from the Anna Sui catwalk, handing over a brown Maccy D’s bag packed with fast-food treats.

We say that more than makes up for it Kendall!