Why Kendall Jenner *Really* Got Her Hair Cut Short

Kendall Jenner’s haircut was one we definitely didn’t see coming.

Out of all of the Kardashian/Jenners, the 20-year-old is the one who changes up her look the least frequently. So when she lobbed her long, silky locks off earlier this week in favour of a short bob, we were surprised.

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However, there’s no denying it looks gorgeous, and Kendall’s working it like a pro. But did you ever wonder what might have inspired the dramatic chop?

Well, according to reports, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star got the cut for a very particular reason… Nope, not because she was inspired by little sister Kylie. And nope, not out of sheer boredom either.


In fact, Kendall is rumoured to have shortened her hair for Vogue. Yep, the model reportedly got offered the cover for the publication’s prestigious September issue, and when Vogue asks, you don’t say no.

It’s thought that the magazine waned Kendall to shake up her style for the special issue, which will see Kendall following in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps as one of the chosen few to grace the cover.

Ooh. After Taylor Swift’s recent super edgy transformation, we can’t wait to see that cover shot.