Kendall Jenner Has A Wall In Her House That Stops Eating Too Much

Who knew pink walls could hold such magical powers?

Want to know something weird? Kendall Jenner painted her lounge pink to stop her from over-eating.

The 20-year-old shared a snap of her festive-looking living room a few weeks back, showing off a gorgeous dusk pink wall with a tastefully decorated Christmas tree standing proudly in front of it.

‘Kenny’s pink xmas’, the model captioned the snap.

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kenny's pink xmas

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However, she’s since revealed that there’s more to the photo than we’d assumed in a new blog post on her website.

Stating that the paint shade she used to decorate her lounge is called Baker-Miller Pink, Kendall then went on to explain that she actually chose the pretty hue for a very particular reason.

‘I decided to paint [the wall] pink because while I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the room, I went to dinner with friends and they had just gone to the “Human Condition” exhibition at a former hospital in LA,’ she wrote.

last night with Mike

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‘They were telling me there’s a pink room at the exhibit that had an explanation of the colour choice: Baker-Miller Pink is the only colour scientifically proven to calm you AND suppress your appetite.

‘I was like, “I NEED this colour in my house!” I then found someone to paint the room and now I’m loving it!’

Well. Who knew paint could hold such magical powers?

According to Yahoo, there have been studies into the effects of the colour pink on human behaviour, with that particular shade – Baker-Miller Pink – being proven to reduce ‘hyperexcitability’.

Not just a pretty face, that Kenny.