Kendall Celebrates Instagram Milestone With Nipple Selfie

Kendall Jenner is undoubtably one of the biggest names on Instagram right now.

As well as being one of the most sought-after supermodels in the ‘biz, she has previously been noted for having the most liked Insta’ snap, beating her famous sister’s wedding day photo.

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Now, she’s touched a whole new social media milestone, hitting the 40 million follower mark. And, in true Kardashian form, she’s celebrated with a seriously striking selfie.


Playing around with her famous nipple piercing, Kendall Jenner posted a black and white shot of herself, mid-laugh, holding her top down, covering her modesty with a big red cross.


The newly appointed Victoria’s Secret model has revealed that this is her favourite photo of herself.

She captioned her snap: ‘my favorite photo for all 40 mill of you. genuine happiness…’



She’s hot on the heels of little sister Kylie Jenner, who boasts just over 41 million followers, and has overtaken Khloe, who has 35 million to date. 

Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, is leading the pack with over 50 million followers to her name. 

Kendall celebrated her 20th birthday party this week, with all of her closest family and friends around her. 

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It’s looking to be a big week for the star. 

Congrats, KJ!